The operating system for new build homes

We help establish strong, new communities by enabling residents, landlords, local buisnesses and public services to interact in a simplified, standardised and secure way

Homes Of Tomorrow

Smart home products are growing in popularity but are little more than a novelty to most. The challenges are that the market is very fragmented with varying protocols and a lack of interoperability between different vendors, products are expensive and the benefits are often trivial.

Building homes with sensing and control designed into the fabric of the building enables residents to have a coherent digital experience at no further cost or effort, as soon as they walk through the door for the first time.

JoinMy.Town works with open standards hardware vendors to offer an industrial grade, scalable smart home solution that provides convenience and cost savings for residents whilst providing useful building performance information for the building owner to reduce maintenance costs.

The technology is already here, so where is it?
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What We Do

JoinMy.Town establishes an identity for each property via a fixed device installed during construction, enabling trusted and secure communication within the community.

The device, along with a companion mobile app for use on the go, offer a range of hyperlocal services that improve how you interact with your home and community.

Features include:
  • Help build community by connecting people with common interests
  • Help residents find trusted local products and services
  • Enable local businesses to access the local community via a single channel
  • A digital user manual and alerts for the property and facilities
  • A full service history of the property

For Residents

Many people moving into a new community will want to build relationships with their neighbours and participate in local events. JoinMy.Town makes this easy by enabling residents to set up or join groups and events around common interests, whether it is a book club or running club.

Every home in the community is connected to JoinMy.Town so you don’t have to figure out which social media channels to use, and with identify verification against the property, you know it is a real community member that you’re speaking to.

Finding local products and services is easy too with our directory of verified local businesses with ratings that you can trust through the JoinMy.Town authentication. And if you have a question for then ask your home assistant first and if it can’t answer your query then simply send an instant message.


Saves money

The smart assistant collects my energy consumption data and then gives me advice on how to reduce it.

I saved 20 this month which is good both for my pocket and the environment!


Gets fit

I struggle to get motivated to go runnig by myself so I used JoinMy.Town to start a running club with the people in my local area.

Not only am I getting fitter but Ive made new friends.


Gets care in her home

A couple of weeks ago I became very forgetful and disorientated. Fortunately my daughter travelled to see me and her reassurance helped get me back on track.

Apparently the clever echnology warned her that something wasn't right.

For Enterprises

Local businesses can also be part of the JoinMy.Town network providing them with a simple channel to engage with all residents in the community, helping them compete with big players with large marketing budgets.

Signing up for JoinMy.Town enables them to list their products and services on the local directory, receive trusted ratings for the good work that they do and be able to receive and respond to instant message enquiries from residents.


Wins new work

Residents can look me up on the trade directory and I get a good rating when for doing a good job.

Its easier because I don’t have to advertise on lots of different websites – JoinMyTown gives me access to everyone.


Reduces traffic volumes

We are a multinational public transport business developing a new on-demand bus service.

We need a high volume of customers in a local area for it to be viable and JoinMy.Town puts access to our service in every home.


Founds a new business

I wanted to start a new business delivering healthy meals made with locally sourced ingredients to time-poor residents.

JoinMy.Town gives me access to everyone in the town so I can focus on running the kitchen and deliveries.

For Asset Owners/Operators

Happy tenants are good tenants and JoinMy.Town help landlords provide an exceptional living experience residents. It can also be used to communicate with their residents and provide them with an interactive user manual covering the benefits and responsibilities of the tenancy.

Anonymised building performance data can help the owner anticipate problems and failures in heating and plumbing so that repairs can be made before a major failure occurs.

Social housing manager

Improves utilisation

By capturing and analysing energy consumption data we have been able to identify abandoned properties earlier which enables us to reduce rent arears and provide a home to new occupants sooner.


Gets closer to residents

We now have a new, instant way to communicate with residents.

So for example we can target advice for waste collection or drive more interest in local politics.

Maintenance coordinator

Drives efficiency

We have identified common patterns in boiler performance before a failure which is allowing us to do more preventative maintenance.

We have reduced emergency call outs and can now carry out more efficient planned work.